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“Too Old to Start Again”

76_2536767We recently had a phone call from a client in a panic telling us that he needed to see a family lawyer urgently. We saw him that afternoon.

He told us he and his wife separated last year and he had been in the house since then. That day he got a letter from her solicitors telling him that basically he had to move out of the house and sign almost everything over to her within seven days, otherwise they were taking him to Court. He told us:

I’m 59 years old. I am too old to start again with nothing”.

We immediately wrote to his wife’s Solicitors advising that we acted for him and that he would not be meeting their demands.

We arranged for a mediation to occur. The mediation was civil and both parties were willing to negotiate which allowed us to establish a sensible outcome that was fair to both he and his wife.

Our client even managed to keep the house.

After it was all over he told us “I would never have been able to stand up to her Lawyers without you guys helping me. I felt I got control of my life back and now I have a future again.”

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