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Wills & Estates FAQs

Why Do I Need a Will?

It is vital that you have a Will and that it is up-to-date. A legal Will is a comprehensive guide of how you want your assets distributed by your chosen Executor/s. It also ensures that your loved ones’ needs are met in accordance with your wishes.

If you do not make a legal Will your estate will be distributed in accordance with the Succession Act and additional costs can be incurred to your loved ones in having the Court appoint an Administrator. In short, leave a Will or leave a mess.

How Do I Make a Will?
Make an appointment now to have your Will and Enduring Power of Attorney prepared by us. Call 07 3252 8233.

Who is the Trustee and Executor of Your Will?

The Executor and Trustee are the person or persons responsible for making sure that your wishes are carried out on your behalf once you have passed away.


The Matthew Love Solicitors ‘Your Will’ Brochure
We have a free guide called Your Will that outlines why you need a Will and what information should be put into your Will. Email your contact details and postal address, or call our office to request a copy of our free brochure. Download our FREE Will Information Brochure now.

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What’s a Power of Attorney?

This is the means by which you appoint someone you trust to step into your shoes, while you are still alive but unable to run your own affairs, and do whatever you can lawfully do, in your name and with your full Authority including pay bills, maintain properties, and deal with all issues arising in life that you may be unable to deal with, depending upon individual circumstances.

It is a document of great power and effectiveness, and should never be underestimated or overlooked as a tool in your planning to protect your assets and lifestyle.

Important note:

Your Power of Attorney must be signed while you still have the capacity to make such a decision.  The document is then available, when needed, by your Attorney.

This document does not survive your death, as upon your death your Will is the document that deals with your Estate and the Attorney no longer has your authority to take any further action on your behalf (if the same person is your Attorney and the Executor of your Will, then his or her position changes at your death from Attorney to Executor).

Legal Services for Wills & EstatesHow Do I Make a Power of Attorney?

Make an appointment now to have your Will and Enduring Power of Attorney prepared by us. Call 07 3252 8233.

Also bear in mind that you can enter into an Advance Health Directive, which is a document which examines in great detail as to the sorts of ‘life or death’ treatments that you do or do not want your Attorney to permit on your behalf. This is done in consultation with your General Practitioner, who sits with you and marks off, after very specific discussions with you, those treatments that you would wish to undergo and those you would not.

There is a separate fee that we will charge with respect to this document, and you are invited to call us to discuss the pros and cons of taking or not taking this step.

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