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Prenuptial Agreements

Planning for the future is something we could all do better. Couples who are about to marry or who are re-partnering may think about making a prenuptial agreement that will detail and regulate theirPrenuptial agreements content page financial relationship both during the marriage and in the event of separation or divorce. Financial agreements entered into before a marriage or de facto relationship can set out how the property and financial resources of the parties are to be dealt with in the event of the breakdown of the relationship. They can also contain provision for the maintenance of either of the parties. Provided the agreement complies with the Family Law Act and both parties have received adequate and independent legal advice, the agreement is enforceable in Court.

Issues that you may want to consider should include;

  • Financial Agreement
  • Prenuptial Agreement
  • Cohabitation Agreement
  • Child Support Agreement
  • Children’s arrangements

You can refer to our property settlement information page for a list of what you may wish to consider when planning an agreement.

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