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Father’s Rights

Father's rights

Quite often in the media we see comments about “Father’s Rights” in the Family Law context.

In the Family Law system we often say “Children have rights – Parents have responsibilities”.

This is a position long enshrined in both Australian and international law and International Convention.

Parents do not have rights in the parenting jurisdiction. It is only the children who have the rights.

The two primary rights of the child considered in our parenting law are:-

  1. The right of the child to have a meaningful relationship with BOTH parents; and
  2. The right of the child to be protected from abuse, neglect, family violence and emotional harm.

Quite often in the more heated family law disputes the matter involves a weighing up of the these two primary rights of the child – a balancing of a scale between the need of the child to know both parents as against the potential risk to the child that one or both parents may present.

As good parents we know the rights of our kids always come before our own needs.

If you feel you have been in some way slighted by the legal process chances are you won’t solve your problem by joining a “rights group” chat forum.

Maybe you just need to get a good lawyer.

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