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Conscious uncoupling, new age fad? Or practical parenting? Let us know what you think.

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Conscious uncoupling… maybe it’s not such a bad idea?

Naming your first born after a piece of fruit?  This may always be something reserved only for the world of celebrity.  But with regard to “conscious uncoupling”, we think this is actually a pretty sought after state of mind and a bit of a genius move by a certain A list celebrity couple who have recently announced their separation.  Is it possible to stay so Zen, even in divorce – time will tell…

Being focused and determined about the arrangements for your separation long before the news is spread to family, friends and even your lawyer would show the absolute optimum united front and surely this would be likely to make things simpler and easier all round.  Especially if there are children involved.

“If the split is so amicable, why are you even considering separation?”

Although you may know your relationship is over, there will always be someone with a cynical view that you could work harder at saving the relationship.  But by concentrating on working hard to take each step at a time in moving forward with your life and transitioning into the next stage as practically as possible.

It is not a usual set of circumstances when a couple face separation and/or divorce, to be of a calm and practical mindset.  There are personal circumstances for each family that are particular to each of them and there will always be couple who cannot resolve issues without the intervention of a Judge.

That said, most of the time both sets of parents individually seek a fair outcome and if there were a set of magical rules that each solicitor’s office held to enable this ‘fairness’, everybody’s lives would become much more straight forward.

There is no magic formula, and the best person to decide what is fair is you.  You can decide a timeframe to work towards, if your children are coming up for an important stage at school and you want to delay the process of separating to accommodate this, or alternatively you may wish to get arrangements in place more quickly than you perhaps would have liked.  Consider whether you want the children to have to move schools at this particular time in their lives, or if you can hold on in the family home for a while longer if this would work better for your family.  By addressing your own individual set of circumstances outside of the Courts allows you more control and creativity in solving any problems that arise.

If you can take control of the process and work together, you can ultimately do what’s right for you and your family.

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