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$99 Initial Consultation

blog1The first meeting with your solicitor is called an initial consultation, this is extremely useful as it gives you the opportunity to interview the law firm and decide whether you would like to work together with this particular solicitor.  This consultation can also very quickly help to determine whether you will need to proceed further in the matter, or whether you will need to take any further action at all.

When scheduling an appointment, you should inquire about fees.  Fee structures can range from a fixed fee, to an hourly rate.  You may also wish to ask about expectations for the initial consultation.

You should take a form of identification with you to the interview, such as a current passport or driving licence.  You should check with the solicitor beforehand exactly which documents you need to take to the meeting.

You should make sure you understand what the solicitor has told you and should not be afraid to ask questions.

If you wish to make an appointment for an hour long, no obligation, confidential consultation on your Family Law matter with Matthew Love Family Lawyers please telephone our offices today, 07 3390 2344 or email info@matthewlovefamilylawyers.com.au

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